Door Entry

EZTAG3 Pro – Weatherproof Access Control
Keypad with Proximity Function Mag Lock & Proximity Tags
The EZTAG KIT is the perfect solution for controlling access on a single internal or external door .
Everything apart from the cable is included to meet the operational and legal requirements for securing a entrance against un-authorised access whilst allowing swift access for authorized users .OPERATION
Users approach the keypad and enter a four digit code or hold a personal proximity tag
within a few inches to activate one of the EZ-TAGs on board relays.
This relay in turn is used to carry power from a 12vdc power supply to an appropriate door release.
Higher levels of security can be obtained by requiring end users
to enter both a code and present a tag for authorised entry.
EZ-TAG can also be used as a door bell for visitors.
To exit the building users simply press the clearly marked “ push to exit button “ which release the magnetic lock . In case of an emergency which has created power failure an emergency exit button , included in the system , will cut the power to the lock release until reset allowing permanent easy escape .

Programming the system is kept as simple as possible, all functions including
addition and removal of tags is carried out at the keypad itself, the unit is totally
self contained, no PC or laptop required.


  • Tough Construction
  • Simple self contained programming
  • Combined keypad / reader / controller
  • Suitable for 1 to 10,000 key tag holders
  • 20 separate user groups
  • 10 x Proximity Keys Tags – Supplied
  • Emergency door open code function
  • Weather/ dust proof robust construction
  • Twin relay outputs
  • Door bell function
  • Keypad IP65 rated
  • Suitable for use with virtually any lock release

  • Supplied with 12v 2amp Power Supply
  • Electro Magnetic Lock – Single door
  • Holding force – 250KG
  • ” LZ ” bracket is Supplied
    An ” LZ ” bracket is required on most inward opening doors
    No bracket is normally required if the door opens outward …. quite rare
  • Voltage 12VDC
  • Current 420ma
  • Weight 1.86kG